Alpha Mutations

Rules for Alpha Mutations

Permanent Alpha Mutation

Each character draws a single Alpha Mutation during character creation. This Alpha Mutation becomes that character’s permanent mutation and remains with the character after every encounter. The only way to lose this Alpha Mutation is through an Alpha Flux.

When drawing the Alpha Mutation card, the player may choose to discard an Alpha Mutation if the card’s Power Type does not match the character’s Power Type (determined by Primary Origin). The player may continue to re-draw until he draws an Alpha Mutation with the appropriate Power Type.

Alpha Mutation Decks

Players begin developing their Alpha Mutation decks during play. Rather than requesting that players go out and purchase Gamma World Booster Packs to build their own decks, they may instead note down random Alpha Mutation cards that they draw and enjoy during game play. Once the player has seven Alpha Mutation cards chosen (not including his character’s permanent Alpha Mutation), that becomes the character’s Alpha Mutation deck. The GM will pull these cards out of his own deck before each session for the player’s personal deck.

Individual Alpha Mutation decks will have the following limitations:

  • Each deck may have no more than 2 of the same Alpha Mutation card.
  • Each deck may have 1 uncommon card for every 2 common cards and 1 rare card for every 2 uncommon cards.
  • An Alpha Mutation deck must have a minimum of 7 cards and a maximum of 10 cards.
  • Individual cards do not have to have the same Power Source as the character.

The idea behind this style of deck-building is to save the players some time and effort and also create a little bit of stabilization for the character. As the mutant grows in experience and power, he gains a bit of control over the random mutations that affect his body, eventually gaining a semblance of stability for the most part.

Alpha Flux

An Alpha Flux occurs whenever the player rolls a natural 1 on a d20 at any time during an encounter. When this happens, the player randomly chooses one of his readied Alpha Mutations (both tapped and untapped, permanent and non-permanent) and discards that mutation to his deck. He then draws a new Alpha Mutation from the GM’s deck. This Alpha Mutation comes into play readied and untapped – any benefits take effect immediately.

At the end of the encounter, this temporary Alpha Mutation is returned to the GM’s deck and the player draws fresh Alpha Mutation card from his own deck as normal.

Alpha Mutations

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