Leveling Up

Leveling Up Gamma World Characters

Every time a character gains a level, make the following changes to the character:

  • Gain 5 extra hit points.
  • House Rule: If you have a positive Constitution modifier, add that to your new hit points.
  • Adjust your Bloodied level accordingly.
  • Add +1 to all your Defenses (AC, Fortitude, Will, Reflex).
  • Add +1 to your Initiative bonus.
  • Add +1 to all attack rolls.
  • Add +1 to all skill rolls.
  • Add +1 to certain damage rolls (check the Power description to see if it adds your full level to damage).

In addition, at certain levels a character gain additional benefits, as follows:

2nd level (500xp)

  • Gain one critical hit benefit from one of your Origins.

3rd level (1000xp)

  • Gain the Utility Power of one of your Origins.

4th level (2000xp)

  • Gain a third non-permanent Alpha Mutation.

5th level (3000xp)

  • Gain the Expert Power of one of your Origins.

6th level (4000xp)

  • Gain the unselected critical hit benefit of your other Origin.

7th level (5000xp)

  • Gain the unselected Utility Power of your other Origin.

8th level (6500xp)

  • Gain a fourth non-permanent Alpha Mutation.

9th level (8500xp)

  • Gain the unselected Expert Power from your other Origin.

10th level (10000xp)

  • Select an Uber Feature.

Leveling Up

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