Omega Tech

Rules of Omega Tech

Using Omega Tech Cards

There is no limit to the number of Omega Tech cards that a character can have readied at one time. Most Omega Tech have a special ability or attack that may be used once per encounter. Once that power is used, it cannot be used again until the next encounter. However, if the Omega Tech offers some sort of benefit that is always on, that benefit stays in effect.

Omega Tech Checks

At the end of any encounter, the player must make an Omega Tech Check for any of his Omega Tech that he used during the encounter, including those that offer a passive benefit. The player rolls a 1d20 – on a roll of 10 or higher, the Omega Tech is still functional and is considered untapped and readied for the next encounter; on a roll of 9 or less, the Omega Tech ceases functioning – either it has burned out, run out of juice, or just fallen apart. The card is discarded.

If the character does not actually use a readied piece of Omega Tech (and the device does not have a passive effect), then no Omega Tech Check is required for that item at the end of the encounter.

Omega Tech Decks

Rather than leaving it to the players to purchase and construct their own Omega Tech Decks, players can develop their personal decks in play.

Whenever the character fails an Omega Tech Check, he may choose to discard the card back to the GM’s deck or place it in his own budding deck. When the character draws the same card from his Omega Tech Deck, it represents the character finding parts or ammunition needed to get the device working again.

A player may have a maximum of 12 cards in his Omega Tech Deck.

Multiple copies of the same Omega Tech card are allowed. This does not mean that the character has multiple pieces of the same Omega Tech; instead the character has gotten particularly good at rebuilding and refitting this particular piece of Omega Tech, allowing it to function more frequently. If the player draws an Omega Tech card that he already has readied, he discards the card back to his deck and draws a new card.

Salvaging Omega Tech

Some Omega Tech cards can be salvaged when the player fails an Omega Tech Check. This is permitted even for cards that the players keeps in his Omega Tech Deck. This represents that the character is able to keep the device operating at a lesser capacity, occasionally boosting it back to full operational status when he finds the right parts.

Omega Tech cards from a personal deck may only be salvaged once.

Trading Omega Tech

Omega Tech cards may be traded back and forth between characters without penalty. If a character gives away an Omega Tech card from his personal deck that he has multiple copies of, all copies of that card must be traded.

Drawing Omega Tech Cards

When the GM reports that a character has found a piece of Omega Tech, the player rolls a 1d20. On a roll of 10 or better, the player has either found parts for one of his non-functioning devices (draw from the personal Omega Tech Deck) or something new (draw from the GM’s deck) – the player chooses. On a roll of 9 or less, the player must draw from the GM’s deck.

A player may always choose to discard an Omega Tech card from his deck upon failing an Omega Tech Check; there is no requirement to keep a particular card in a personal deck. New cards may be added if desired as they are discovered in play.

Omega Tech

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