Weapon Breakage

Critical Failures – Breaking Weapons

This rule is modified from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting for D&D 4th Edition.

Because most weapons are old or cobbled-together affairs, it stands to reason that they can’t withstand as much punishment as quality weapons made at modern industrial standards can handle. This house rule takes into account that combat in Gamma World can be hard on a mutant’s gear and also prevents characters from having seemingly indestructible weapons pieced together from salvaged junk.

A natural roll of a 1 on an attack roll with a weapon is an automatic miss and the character must make a saving throw or else the weapon breaks. The character can choose to automatically fail the saving throw (thus immediately breaking the weapon), and if he does, he may re-roll his attack but must take the new result.

A natural roll of a 1 on an attack roll using a weapon that requires ammunition means the weapon is automatically and immediately out of ammunition, and the character must still make a saving throw to avoid breaking the weapon. Again, the character may choose to automatically break the weapon in order to gain a re-roll on the attack.

Omega Tech weapons are not subject to immediate critical failures, but each critical failure suffered in an encounter imposes a cumulative -2 penalty to the Omega Tech Check for that item after the encounter. A natural roll of a 1 on an attack roll with a Omega Tech weapon is still an automatic miss.

Weapons salvaged from burnt-out Omega Tech are also subject to weapon breakage rules.

Weapon Breakage

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