Weapon Options

Weapon Options and Tables

This is a list of generic weapon statistics that Gamma World characters may choose from. The weapons are generic in order to cover the wide variety of potential weapons that Gamma Terra adventurers can scavenge together – from baseball bats to sharpened street signs to lengths of chain attached to weighted soup cans. Players are highly encouraged to dream up interesting and colorful weapons wielded by their mutants.

Weapons Table

Weapon Category Ability Accuracy Damage[W] Range
Unarmed quick attack Dex/Int +3 1d4 Melee 1
Unarmed powerful attack Str/Con +2 1d8 Melee 1
One handed light melee Dex/Int +3 1d8 Melee 1
Two handed light melee Dex/Int +3 1d12 Melee 1
One handed heavy melee Str/Con +2 1d10 Melee 1
Two handed heavy melee Str/Con +2 2d8 Melee 1
One handed light ranged Dex/Int +3 1d8 5 squares
Two handed light ranged Dex/Int +3 1d12 10 squares
One handed heavy ranged Str/Con +2 1d10 5 squares
Two handed heavy ranged Str/Con +2 2d8 10 squares
One handed light gun Dex/Int +4 1d8 10 squares
Two handed light gun Dex/Int +4 1d12 20 squares
One handed heavy gun Str/Con +2 2d6 10 squares
Two handed heavy gun Str/Con +2 2d10 20 squares

All guns require Ammo and are subject to Ammo Checks. Some ranged weapons may be subject to ammunition rules based on the description (GM’s discretion).

Damage Steps

Various weapon options may adjust the damage of a weapon up or down. The following progression indicates the steps that weapon damage may take.

1d4 → 1d6 → 1d8 → 2d4 → 1d10 → 1d12 → 2d6 → 2d8 → 2d10

For example, if a weapon inflicts 1d10 damage normally and an option reduces the damage by one step, the new weapon damage is 2d4. If an option increases the same weapon by two steps, the new damage is 2d6.

Weapon Options

Based on a particular weapon’s concept, it may have one or more properties and special features. If a weapon fits the bill (with GM approval, of course), adjust the weapon as indicated.

Option Benefit Drawback
Blast Change range to Close Blast 2 (for one handed weapons) Reduce Accuracy by 2
or Close Blast 3 (for two handed weapons) Reduce damage by 1 step
Burst Change range to Area Burst 1 within listed range Reduce Accuracy by 2
Reduce damage by 1 step
Brutal 1 Reroll any damage dice that come up 1 Reduce Accuracy by 1
Brutal 2 Reroll any damage dice that come up 2 or less Reduce Accuracy by 3
High Crit Critical hits inflict an extra [W] damage Reduce Accuracy by 1
Reduce damage by 1 step
Reach 1 Increase range from Melee 1 to Melee 2 Reduce damage by 1 step
Reach 2 Increase range from Melee 1 to Melee 3 Reduce Accuracy by 1
Reduce damage by 1 step
Alternate Damage Change the damage type from physical Reduce damage by 1 step
to a non-physical damage type


  • The Blast and Burst Options may only be applied to gun weapons, meaning the weapons would use ammo. Blast and burst weapons affect all creatures within the area, but a separate attack roll is made against each target. Blast and burst weapons may not be used with Powers that have a range of Ranged Weapon.
  • The Brutal Option may only be applied to heavy weapons.
  • The Reach Option may only be applied to melee weapons. Reach does not increase a character’s range for flanking purposes or opportunity attacks. Reach weapons used for Powers with a range of Melee Weapon will increase the range appropriately. If the Power has a specific range (such as “Melee 1”), the range will not change.
  • The options for Alternative Damage are: Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, Force, Laser, Poison, Radiation, and Sonic.

The Weapon Options were inspired (and stolen) from the Dazed (Save Ends) blog and the Roll! Critical Hits Blog.

Weapon Options

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