Gamma World: The Wanderlost

Mad for Gasoline

This adventure takes place chronologically before the Steading of the Iron King.

Some time after leaving the lair of Krankor the Serf behind, the merry band of mutants finds themselves in what is likely going to be a long-term problem: they are out of gas.

Fortunately, the newest member of the team (a shanghai result of a botched robbery), the hyperactive man-cat named Neeford, knows of a town called Kolbee that possessed a working pre-Mistake fuel station. In between his jobs as a freelance bandit, Neeford would stop there to resupply. The townsfolk were farmers by trade, using the gasoline stores to power large farming vehicles to work their lands. Leaving Oscar and Crash to guard the immobile RV, the rest of the gang heads off to pay Kolbee a visit.

When the group arrives at Kolbee, they find the town recovering from a recent raid on the town. Inquiries reveal that Kolbee was attacked by a horde of advanced robots that methodically came in and excavated the subterranean fuel tanks from the old service station. Being farmers and not warriors, the townsfolk are helpless to do anything about the raid. Instead, the town leaders make a deal with the mutants, saying that if the group can recover the stolen fuel tanks, the Kolbee citizens will give them as much gasoline as they can carry. Naturally, the characters readily agree.

Ricky is able to pick up the trail of the robots, following an assortment of tread marks and heavy, even footprints up into the surrounding prairie. Within hours, the party comes across the decimated town that looks as though the buildings have been systematically torn apart and broken down into raw materials. Continuing to follow the trail of the robots, the band finds the site of an excavation, where a half dozen robots, including hovering spherical security bots and a squat barrel-shaped worker drones, are busily rooting around the area in search of salvage. A heavy metal fence surrounds south side of the site while massive towers of raw material block travel from the other directions. In the center of the site appears to be a set of recently constructed stairs leading into a basement of sorts.

The mutants take cover and sneak forward as stealthily as they can, most of them making it all the way to the fence before George absently picks up a stray barbell and munches noisily on the metal. The robots respond instantly, with the worker drones plowing through the fence to attack George with built-in power tools and the security bots lingering the back to take pot shots with a mix of bullets, tasers, tanglewire, and mini-napalm packets.

Neeford draws the attention and the fire of the security bots, distracting them enough that Ricky is able to pick them off at long-range with his trusty carbine. Nitro and Woodrow move to help George, using a surprisingly effective mix of self-immolation and psychic nightmares to weaken the worker drones enough for George to finish off with a combination of magnetic bursts and horny headbutts.

With the first batch of robots destroyed, the party continues down into the depths of the excavation site. The room they end up in is pitch black but fortunately enough of the mutants have chem-sticks or flashlights to make due. The walls are lined with crude shelving stuffed full of small technological components – wiring, metal plates, oil, grease, worn tools, etc. – and at the far end of the room, where a wide passageway stretches out, stands a battered but massive robot towering three times the height of any of the mutants.

The group moves in slowly and understandably cautiously, wary of the big robot, though the thing doesn’t look fully functional. Instead, more labor drones rush out from behind its bulk to attack the group. Another, much larger and more sophisticated security bot hovers in the background and what appears to be a gardening robot buzzes along the ground on three threaded feet to slash at the mutants with a built-in weedwhacker and pruning shears.

Neeford tries a clever trick and attempts to shove the giant robot down on top of the robots but he isn’t quite strong enough. Thinking this is a good idea, the labor drones try the same trick…with better results. Fortunately, the nimble Neeford is able to get out of the way of the falling robot. George comes up alongside the cat-man in time for the labor drones to surround them.

Ricky tries to sidle along the wall to get into cover but discovers that the shelving is rigged to collapse at a command from the security bot. The hapless dabber finds himself buried beneath several hundreds pounds of salvaged debris and spends most of the battle struggling to get free. He only succeeds by using his telekinetic powers to violently thrust all the debris away.

The mutants consolidate their attacks. Woodrow feeds the robots nightmares about rust and car crushers while hurling demonic blackfire at them. Nitro uses her computerized brain to hack into the robots and scramble their operating systems. In one case, she is able to take control of gardening robot long enough to have it do some damage to its fellows before it re-asserts control. Neeford and George use claws, horns and magnetics to whittle the drones to scrap. And eventually, the robots are all destroyed.

The mutants continue down the corridor into a final chamber. Here they find the two stolen fuel tanks, each hooked up to a portable generator. Next to the largest generator is a massive combat robot, a hulking, four-armed gorilla-shaped monster with a heavy plasma cannon for a head. With it were eight combots each moving on a single tire and equipped with four arms ending in humming vibroblades as well as a pair of squat, six-limbed assassin robots.

The robots moved quickly to assault the invaders but a timely gravity mine by George slowed their advanced enough for the mutants to take cover behind George. While the mutants made short work of the blade combots, the heavy combat robot closed in and blasted all whole assembled group with its plasma cannon, sending them sprawling and burning. Nitro was pounded by the robot until she went inert but as she went down Woodrow was able to scramble the logic circuits of the robot, causing it to attack everything around it, ally or enemy.

George charges and shatters the large generator, hoping to take out the source of the robots power but without luck. Instead, he is swarmed by blade combots and one of the assassin bots. Fortunately, Neeford is able to work his way around to aid him and the pair destroy all of George’s attackers. The rest of the party tries keeping their distance from the main combat robot, peppering it with ranged fire and their best Omega Tech weapons. Though the robot takes down Ricky as well, the group is finally able to destroy the robot.

With the enemy bots rusting on the scrap heap, the mutants claim the fuel tanks as their prize. They return to Kolbee with the recovered fuel and end up carrying off most of a one of the tanks in a mixture of containers. They return to Oscar and Crash and fill the RV’s gas tank to full. With the mission a success, the band of mutants continues down the open road in search of more adventure and perhaps one day their way home.



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